Dixie Mill and four customers visited Mazak Japan in May. It was a very productive and interesting week, touring four extraordinary manufacturing facilities and visiting some beautiful, historic tourist sites.

I have been to Japan many times, but this trip was different. We got to see two new automated facilities that demonstrate all that is Mazak. We also visited their underground, clean air, laser facility. It is something out of Star Wars! The manufacturing facilities are extremely busy. INTEGREX machines were lining up to be assembled and shipped. Most of the excitement is in our North American market and we’re all very fortunate to be so busy.

This was my first trip since the leadership transition in the Mazak Company. For many years, Mazak was led by Mr. Teruyuki (Terry) Yamazaki, until his passing in September of 2011. There is no doubt that Terry was the most influential figure in the whole machine tool industry for the last fifty years. His accomplishments were numerous. He married art with science, innovation with beauty, and genius with lifestyle. There was no one like Terry Yamazaki, and now it’s Tom’s turn!

Terry’s son, Tomohisa (Tom) Yamazaki, is his own man. He has learned from the best and is in complete control. Mazak has a very bright and interesting future with Tom at the helm. He studied in the USA and understands our culture very well. He travels to all of the Mazak events, so please introduce yourself if you’ve never met him.

Below are some pictures that were taken on the trip. Hope you can join us on our next adventure!

Richard Cahn